CoreDroid One X v7.0

Here comes another great release from your one and only chef Sergio! This release brings the latest firmware and a fully working CDST (CoreDroid Suite Tools). This release also brings new flavors of CoreDroid that hasn't been seen in the past. You now have the option to add/remove the CoreDroid skin or enjoy stock look, add/remove Sense and keep or remove the CoreDroid MODs. All this can be done through Aroma installer of course! The team has done an astonishing job testing this built so we are pretty confident this release will bring happiness to many of you :)
We hope you enjoy these releases and stay on the look out for more updates.

P.S: Make sure you sign up on to get a direct download link unless you are one of the few who enjoy hotfiles :D

CoreDroid Team-


Change log

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One X & Sensation ROMs ready!

Today we are proud to release 2 major builds, CoreDroid for One X & Sensation.  The One X release brings the latest and greatest build of Jelly Bean, just what y'all have been waiting for.  The Sensation build brings a fully functional set of tweaks, CoreDroid Suite Tools!  The team, especially Sergio, has been working very hard on getting those to you.  Please keep in mind that some features are currently not working on CDST for One X JB ROM, but this is only the initial release and we are constantly working on adding features. We hope you enjoy these releases and stay on the look out for more updates.

CoreDroid Team-


Go for direct download links

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Suite Tools back on play store

Today we are happy to let you all know that our application CoreDroid Suite Tools is back up on the play store.  Unfortunately, some little punk known as -viperboy- on XDA aka Derek Teay has reported our app as a violation of copyrights.  He was successful on fooling the idiots on XDA but we had no doubt that Google wouldn't be fooled.  Needless to say, we are working on a JB version that venom team will probably report as a kang as well even though their app wouldnt be released by then. LOL I wouldn't expect any less from a gang of kids.

Last but not least, CoreDroid will not be found on XDA no more as venom team has done very well in become very close friends with the mods and admins as well.  All our work will be found here on and  We invite you to join our community if you haven't yet, a place where people care about real development unlike the other side.

Do not forget to grab your copy of CDST today!
CoreDroid Team-

What the hell XDA?

We have been getting alot of questions on what is going on at XDA.  Well, to say the least, we ourselves don't even know.  Based on the article below (dated Nov 7th) some XDA mods decided to ban some of us and close all our threads for the reason that we have "moved" away from XDA based on this statement "Another change is that we are no longer using our built in forums.   As of today, all CoreDroid support will be handled on".   Just to make things clear, it says "We are no longer using our built-in forums" I was talking about the forums that were built-in this site, not XDA's.  As far as I know there are many teams who post their ROMs and offer support outside of XDA, but god forbid if CoreDroid is one of them!!!  And since when does XDA issue bans if you moved your work, or is this yet another excuse? 

Listen, I like to keep things simple and easy so this is MY POINT OF VIEW.  Some (not all) of XDA mods, do not want CoreDroid on that site, why is that? Well, to say the least they are "buds" with the lying idiot behind all this drama.  The funny thing is that now CoreDroid stuff, ROMs, themes, signatures and even links are considered WAREZ.  Although it makes no sense at all, I find this hilarious.

We were asked to change some mods that the idiot jan claim to be his and our thread was closed.  We complied and sent our new rom to the assigned mods.  They left us behind for 3 weeks and said they were reviewing the ROM.  Then a couple of days ago, with no notice whatsoever, some of our team were banned and all of our threads were closed.  If this isn't discrimination and playing favors, then what is?  We complied with everything XDA mods have asked but they have one and only one thing in mind, it is to get rid of CoreDroid the same way they got rid of alot of respected devs that ended up moving to RootzWiki  and other sites.  I just hope that one day the admins on XDA realize how some of these mods are destroying the site.  

I miss the WINMO days and how simple things were.  People really cared about the innovation of the finish product and shared all their work, we were there and done it all.  Alot have changed since then, the spirit, the staff and the way things are handled are just a few things worth mentioning.  Bottom line is this.  Not XDA or any idiot is going to stop CoreDroid's talent and spirit.  We will always be here regardless of what people say or do.  Our work can be found on and we are now investing in other sites.  We didn't want things to go that route, we liked XDA because of the history of CoreDroid on there but unfortunately some people wake up everyday thinking of new ways to destroy us, well sorry folks, that ain't gonna happen, not u, not the crooks of XDA and definitely not some sorry ass lame kid j to the 4n.  

The past month has been wild but that will only make us stronger.  Be on the lookout for more devices and ROMs coming real soon.  And since our threads on XDA have been closed, all the updates will be posted on and some other sites which we will announced when the time is right.  Until them my friends, stay strong and don't let morons get in your way.

DaDoctor on behalf of the CoreDroid team-  

CoreDroid One X v4.8 released!

After some good time off and some team complications, we are back at it.  Today, we are proudly presenting the latest and greatest CoreDroid build for your One X.  We now have a fully skinned sense ROM. 
Grab a direct link to the download from thread ;)

BTW, We have sent the download link to XDA team a while ago and still waiting on approval, sorry about the inconvinience folks!
CoreDroid Team-



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